What does the word “alignment” mean to you?

For some, alignment could mean lining up the spices in the spice cupboard. 

Aligning yourself with a political party. Aligning house contents according to feng shui. 

When your an adult, and you finally align with your parents’ views on life.

Or better yet, the alignment of the wheels of a car. Oh yes, that satisfaction when you have been lying on the creeper for 2 whole hours now, straining those neck muscles to loosen that stubborn bolt underneath the car, when finally, you got it! And voila! You’ve aligned all 4 wheels of the car. Time for a soak in bath.

For me, I have recently discovered my alignment with ME. Me with Harpreet and in turn, the grand universe. When I align myself with universal energy, I feel grounded and at peace. And there is nothing greater. Aligning your thoughts with your actions brings calmness, serenity and happiness. 

When you align your body, mind and spirit, you are succumbing to peace.

Whatever you are aligned with, respect everyone else’s individual differences and their meaning of alignment. 


Aligned Being

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