Blog (Singing Nutritionist series)

My rendition of “Can you feel the love tonight?” – The Lion King

Nutritionists can see what’s happening,


We believe in all of you,


They’ll fall in love with all organic foods,

Our minds should be simple too.

The sweets we eat are artificial,

There’s much to learn everywhere,

And with all this possible toxic atmosphere, “Disaster’s in the air”

Can you taste the foods tonight?

The peace the real foods bring,

Nature, for once, has come alive again,

With all its living things.

“Listen kid, if you live with us, you have to eat like us” – Timon 

“I’m telling you kid, this is the great life” – Timon

Can YOU see what’s happening? As a Nutritionist, I am encouraging a look within yourself and around you. Reduce your toxic load. What toxins are you trying to remove from your life?