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The Eczema and Food Connection

Eczema is all too familiar for me, as I suffered from this skin condition as a baby, child and into my adolescent years. For me personally, many factors contributed to the improvement of my eczema, including a change of environment (from the damp UK weather to the dry and less polluted Canadian weather) and change of diet. Now, with my 1-year-old daughter also with eczema, we have found that a healthy diet and the addition of supplements have greatly improved the severity and flare-ups have become infrequent.

There is a lot of trial and error involved with this type of allergic condition and might I add, a LOT of patience. I am for all things natural, and after trying many things, from oat baths, to different natural topical applications (such as coconut oil, aloe vera, olive oil, calendula), to homeopathic remedies, we found that a healthy diet (adding a probiotic in the form of foods and a supplement and increasing fruits and vegetables) and a simple topical application of coconut oil greatly improved my daughter’s eczema.

Remember, when trying out different things, to try one method at a time, in order to determine if that specific method worked…or not. Then, to move on to the next remedy, after a week or so. As many factors are involved and each person responds differently, there is no one solution, however with determination and patience, you will discover something that works.

Don’t give up!

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