Spirulina the Fairy

“I am glitter, I am gold,”

“I am glitter, I am gold!”

The beautiful fairy’s voice echoed through the forest.

The leaves rustled from the moving of air caused by fluttering wings. 

She loved being in the forest, with the green colours of the trees, and the blue colours of the nearby ponds.

Her best friend, Lina, a gorgeous peacock, also with blue and green colours, accompanied her on her daily adventures. 

Together, they ventured through the forest, over ponds, up hills, down hills, sprinkling positivity everywhere they went!

Bright and vibrant colours of red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple and pink, filled the air!

One particular pond always caught her attention as she flew by, with its soft and calm rippling sounds, the water flowing and changing colours from blue to green and green to blue. It was mesmerizing to watch. She would always feel at peace and be happy when hovering over this pond, always leaving with a smile on her face.

“Linaaa!,” sang the fairy. “It’s time for our adventure!”

Lina and the fairy gathered their positivity and set off on their daily adventure.

When they reached the fairy’s favourite pond, they decided to sit down and stay there for longer than usual. They set down their picnic basket and settled down to enjoy a peaceful meal. Out came the healthy foods and drinks and they began nibbling on their delicacies. 

As they were eating, something beautiful caught the attention of the fairy. She noticed something playing in the pond. It seemed to be moving ever so gracefully and the fairy couldn’t help herself but to join in. They danced a graceful dance, smiling and laughing, twirling, and moving their arms and legs wonderfully. As the fairy and algae danced together, they seemed to become intertwined. The fairy was so pleasantly surprised at the energy moving through her body from head to toe, from body to mind to spirit.

“What is this beautiful organism, Lina? It has grown from this water!”

Lina exclaimed, “Fairy! This is algae! You are becoming one with the algae!”

The fairy looked down at her body and witnessed a physical transformation. She closed her eyes and felt a spiritual transformation. She placed her hand on one of the energy centres of her body, right below her navel, and felt an uplifting, soul-shaking, ultimate transformation.

Then, she performed a magnificent twirl! One twirl, two twirls, three twirls! And voila! The fairy sang her name for the first time: “SPIRULINA! I am SPIRULINA!” She didn’t have a name before and this suited her perfectly!

Lina also sang, “Spirulinaaaa!” A gorgeous name! And you have embodied your favourite colours! Blue and green!” 

The fairy’s mind was buzzing with ideas! 

“Lina! I will enhance everyone’s foods! I will sprinkle positivity forever! I will help everyone to feel better! You, as a peacock, with your graceful and peaceful nature, are a stunning sight to see and can calm anyone’s mind! 

Me, Spirulina, as a source of high-quality protein, vitamin B1, iron, calcium, essential amino acids and antioxidants!

Because after all, Lina, life is about consuming healthy foods that make you feel good, indulgence in treats occasionally, maintaining a positive mind, engaging in creative and fun activities that ignite your inner spirit, reducing stress levels, moving your body and being happy!

We are only 2 pieces of this puzzle, Lina! Let’s join forces with the remaining puzzle pieces and change the world!” 

*Song lyric: “Glitter and Gold” by Barns Courtney

Image of Spriulina

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