Certified AllerTrainer

Are you or your staff requiring training on how to safely serve those with food allergies or other diet restrictions?


From time to time, we all love to enjoy a meal at a restaurant. Restaurants and other establishments such as banquet halls, have become so prevalent in today’s society. Those of us with diet restrictions such as food allergies and/or being gluten-free, we must ask, “Will I be able to eat here?” “Will the restaurant accommodate my food allergies?” Unfortunately, not every restaurant/banquet hall/school/etc. will provide accommodation due to various reasons, however, some establishments are becoming more aware of food allergies and other diet restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free) increasing in this day and age. From the development of allergy menus to knowledgeable staff, establishments are working in favour of those with diet restrictions.

As someone who has grown up with multiple food allergies, and now as a parent of children with food allergies, I have experienced first-hand the triumphs and tribulations on this journey to safely dine outside the home. I am very excited to bring my passions, education and skill set to the food allergy industry in order to provide allergen-free and gluten-free preparation.

As a Certified AllerTrainer, I have received training with MenuTrinfo LLC to teach AllerTrain courses to food service professionals.

Specific Courses Include:

  • AllerTrain Canada
  • AllerTrain K12
  • AllerTrain Entity
  • AllerTrain RA
  • AllerTrain (ANSI/ANAB Accredited)
  • AllerTrain Lite (ANSI/ANAB Accredited)
  • AllerTrain U (ANSI/ANAB Accredited)


Training Includes:

  • Food allergies, intolerance, sensitivities, Celiac disease
  • Best practices of allergen control including safe food preparation techniques, policy development, legislation and crisis management
  • Priority allergens
  • Menu options
  • Cross-contamination

*Customized training is available depending on establishment requirements*

For more information, please visit https://menutrinfo.com/training/