LOVE = Let Our Vitality Emanate 

Whoosh, drip, drip. The familiar sound of the kitchen tap. 

Scrubbing and rinsing dishes. 

Stirring contents of the big pot.

Adding salt, pepper, ginger and other herbs and spices to perfect the flavour.

Having a taste.

Savouring the flavour.

Bending down to wipe a spill.

Chatter, chatter. Giggling, smiling.

Sharing laughter, positivity and stories.

Bustling of feet around the kitchen floor. 

Setting the table.

Turning off distractions such as the TV.

Being present in the moment.

Helping Mother prepare our typical Saturday meal.

Sharing the kitchen with my siblings, Mother and Father…priceless. 

We gathered around the kitchen table, everyone seated in their favourite spots.

Breathing in positive energy, breathing out negative energy.

Saying thanks.

Being grateful.

There was a busy day ahead for all of us, but one thing we did together, was eat. Peacefully eat.

We enjoyed the eating experience and took comfort in the way it nourished our body-mind-spirit connection.

As soon as we sat down, there was a wave of peace, joy and calmness that would magically appear, like a happy cloud hanging above us.

We were beginning to tune into our body’s signals, noticing that our hunger cues were in full force!

It was the right time to eat, because our bodies and minds were in a relaxed state, so we knew that whatever we put into our bodies, would be digested in a way that would keep our body systems in balance.

We were engaging in Intuitive Eating. We were filling our minds with positive thoughts. We were listening to our hunger and fullness cues. We were tuning in and focusing on our inner energy but also being aware of the outside energies. Simply put, we were letting our vitality emanate. We were loving ourselves first.

How do we love ourselves? By being one with our energy and asking ourselves the following questions:

What is floating around us?

Seems to change if you fuss.

What’s within will transform out,

See it go, without a doubt,

Do you sense a certain aura?

Like our shadow, it follows along,

Mirrors our feelings like a song.

It is peaceful when we are content,

Revitalizing energy can then be sent.

Do you sense a certain aura?

Red, blue, green, yellow, indigo

It changes colours like the rainbow

When you feel red,

Fiery sparks fly overhead.

When you feel blue,

You may need to be woo’ed. 

Do you sense a certain aura?

We are the same as all other animals,

Changing and growing our inner channels.

A good friend once spoke,

Of butterflies who woke,

Here she is in her own words,

Taking flight as high as birds.

“I’m a GEM. I will let my vitality emanate. I will love myself.”

Now, I invite you to give it a try. Whatever the weather, tune in to your personal energy and free your spirit GEM. Know that you are valuable, precious and priceless.

Repeat after me: “I’m a GEM.”

Let your vitality emanate. Love yourself.

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